1920 silver cigarette case

May 04, 2018. 13:43 UTC
1920 silver cigarette case
United States of America

Sterling silver

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For sale

Beautiful tooled in great condition, Birmingham makers mark but London firm


Bought for my husband from a Liverpool, England pawn shop.

Answered within about 8 hours
May 04, 21:14 UTC
By Nora Curl

Fair Market Value

$48 - $115 USD

Insurance Value

$163 USD
What does this mean?

This is a vintage 20th century cigarette case with engraved surface with scrolling acanthus decoration and a un-monogrammed center shield. The interior of the case is hallmarked. The lion indicates it is British, the anchor is for being assayed in Birmingham, the letter W in a square with ogee bottom is the date mark for 1921. The silversmith stamp reads as T.H.P & Co or I.H.P. & Co. in a lozenge An extensive search has yielded no match to a maker from Birmingham (nor London) with these initials. The piece was not produced by Padgett & Co, which is not a registered name. Padgeett was either C&WPt for Charles & William Padgett as well as Padgett & Braham Ltd. Neither are a match to mark nor timeframe. It would be unusual for a London firm to have a Birmingham assay mark as well. It is suggested to have this sterling tested at a gold/silver buyer shop as the color of the metal in the photos looks off and it is known that Chinese counterfeits were made with fictitious marks. The estimate is based on the assumption that this is sterling silver and is based on actual recent past recorded auction sales of comparables. Retail 'asking prices' can be higher and vary.

Nora curl May 04, 21:15 UTC

Do you have the name of the London firm for the maker initials T.H.P or I.H.P. & Co?

Deirdre hunt May 05, 16:08 UTC

the maker is Padgett and Co. They are a London firm with manufacturing in both London and Birmingham. They specialized in cigarette, cigar and match boxes. I don’t wish to be rude but shouldn’t you be finding these things out for me instead of me doing all the investigating.

Nora curl May 05, 16:21 UTC

You stated knowing the firm yet neglected to add the name. Appraisals are based on fact finding, not trick questions, and not providing pertinent information when it is known tends for an undue amount of backtracking. Nevertheless, this is not the silversmith mark for a 'Padgett & Co', the information from you is incorrect.

Nora curl May 05, 16:28 UTC

I see you have inquired elsewhere just last month regarding this case. The information and the valuation provided to you was entirely contrived and incorrect. The person who provided that information is also not a qualified appraiser nor a member of an accredited appraiser association. The answer was essentially made up in order to gain compensation.

Deirdre hunt May 05, 19:25 UTC

My intention was not to aggravate you. I also thought their valuation and information was incorrect but thought maybe your website be better. However if you do not wish to give me a valuation that’s okay. I am about to give up on online companies apparently a lot of them give incorrect information . I would be interested to know how you know I asked the other company I was told information was secure and provate

Nora curl May 05, 19:28 UTC

I am happy to help with a valuation. Part of my job entails research work and your inquiry was quite easily found through a search engine.

Deirdre hunt May 07, 13:22 UTC

Do you have any more information for me

Deirdre hunt May 07, 16:47 UTC

Nora, are you still going to appraise my cigarette case

Nora curl May 07, 17:19 UTC

Yes, still researching this maker mark for a match

Deirdre hunt May 07, 21:16 UTC

Ok cool. Thank you

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