1867/1869 complete analysis of holy bible by n. west, d.d.

Jul 23, 2020. 06:25 UTC
1867/1869 Complete Analysis of Holy Bible by N. West, D.D.
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A hardcover book by Nathaniel West, D.D. published in 1869, but registered with the library of Congress in 1867. It was published by A. J. Johnson Publisher 276 & 278 Mulberry Street New York. The book 26 centimeters x 18 centimeters and its 6.25 centimeters thick. The pages are all in tact and in good condition. They are pretty snug in the binding, though the cover on the binding is starting to wear and chip away. The rest of the cover is in good condition.


This has been passed down in my family. It was my 3rd great-grandfather Reverend Thomas Forster 1812-1889. He acquired the book new in the late 1860s or 1870 and used it to write his sermons. He resided in Macomb County, MI when he purchased the book.

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Jul 24, 10:39 UTC
By Karine SH

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$100 - $120 USD

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$220 USD
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Dear Stephen,

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The appraised item is a fine copy of "THE COMPLETE ANALYSIS OF THE HOLY BIBLE" by Rev. Nathaniel West. 1869 1st edition; A.J. Johnson; New York. Gilt all edges. It is leather-bound. As described, the spine shows some signs of wear and tear, but apart from that, the condition looks good overall.

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