17 century oil on canvas painting

Mar 23, 2021. 15:46 UTC
17 century oil on canvas Painting
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Oil on canvas in their original, not restored condition. I once bought it only because the only visible was the man's clothes - this deep purple colour. Just a dusted, wiped, slightly damp cloth and that's it. Very dark so that you can not see much in the room where there is light. The best method is to take a photo and enjoy on the screen of your computer. Then you can see that a lot is going on there and there are many interesting colours - red, blue, green and my favourite purple. Lots of themes (biblical scene?), People, landscape. 17th century (as it was said) maybe earlier (I have never seen signature because it is too dark, yesterday I took a picture(infrared) and something is down on the stone (?) We read POUS .. I don't know, hard to read. Italian, maybe French. From Tintoretto to Poussin (more like the second one, because the scenes seem to be separate and independent every group of peoples busy with deferent business ). Original wood stretcher with woodworm holes.. that's why my wife wont let me in the house with this painting:) There used to be a sticker on the top, now there is a trace with a few letters that tracing to wood- I can read it rather hard. I bought it from a person who saw no point in holding it because there is no decorative quality and unhygienic ...for him.. Private collection I'm sending some pics . Thank you for reading this and for your time. Best Regards



Answered within about 20 hours
Mar 24, 12:03 UTC
By George

Fair Market Value

$600 - $1,200 USD

Insurance Value

$1,800 USD
What does this mean?

Dear Przemyslaw,

Thank you for your help and your patience.

The presented object appears to be a painting made in oil paint on canvas with the measurements of 53,5 x 72,8 cm. The motif of this painting not clearly identifiable. We see a throning person giving orders to armored soldiers which are good identifiable because of their helmet. In the lower-left corner, we see two old men or priests discussing. On the right side of the painting, we see two persons were lead off by the soldiers. The throwing person, which is shown as a young man, leans to his left and is in contact with a kneeing assisting person. This scene does not fit with the scene when Christ pulls the money changers out of the temple in Jerusalem. Such a judgment motif is more connected with the Judge of Salomon, but the lead away people is definitely bearded and male. A fitting scene could be the Pilate´s court. Usually, in this scene, Jesus Christ is depicted as the main person which also does not fit this depiction. Another option would be the court over John the Baptist by Herodes. Sadly the motif is still not clear to me. The style and the costumes remind more of North-Alpine and especially of Flemish art of the 17th century. Sadly the painting is in a too bad condition to tell more. The composition and the details like hands and faces are a hint that this was not the work of one of the great masters of the 17th century.
This piece is in bad condition and there are serious damages to the canvas visible in the images provided.
A fair market estimation would be between 600 to 1.200 USD.
This estimate is based on actual recent past recorded auction sales of comparable items. Retail "asking prices" can be higher and may vary.

With kind regards,

Przemyslaw kleszcz Mar 24, 12:14 UTC

Hello Georg
Is 72.8cm or 28.6 inches width and 53.5cm or 21.06 inches high. I will try to add a few more photos, I have already added a few photos,very faintly visible letters

Przemyslaw kleszcz Mar 24, 13:48 UTC

Unfortunately, I can't do anything better. in the photos you can see what you can see. these days there is no option for someone to see it in person. What do you think maybe it's painted by an artist in the style of Nicolas Poussin?

Przemyslaw kleszcz Mar 25, 10:40 UTC

Good morning. Added few photos taken with infra-red camera .Thank you

Przemyslaw kleszcz Mar 25, 22:46 UTC

Hi. Actually is not as very dark as I mentioned.. we had few rainy days so not as bright so can see details much better and with the right light looking good ( see photos-added 4 yesterday)
Do you think this painting got “potential “ for future research or is painted by random amateur artist..?

Przemyslaw kleszcz Mar 26, 14:47 UTC

Hi . I think is a date there: 1635..(last 4photos)

Przemyslaw kleszcz Mar 28, 16:58 UTC

.. i have found that the person who sold this painting to me said that title is” Christ in temple casting out money changers “..
I have found this purple colours in Tintoretto paintings…
All the comments maybe no relevant so please ignore it ..:)

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