1649 "Moderate Intelligencer" magazine with "New World" advertisement

Jul 27, 2021. 00:04 UTC
1649 "Moderate Intelligencer" magazine with "New World" advertisement
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Original issue of "The Moderate Intelligencer" magazine from April, 1649. Short-lived English publication detailing news of the crown. Original rag-laid paper, approximately 8.5 by six inches. Few copies survive and I have been unable to locate any issues beyond two in the Library of Congress (and they don't have this issue." What makes this issue particularly significant is the advertisement for "A gentleman going over into Carolana," which acts as a 1,000-word summary of the wonderful climate, bountiful harvests and natural splendor awaiting those wishing to travel and colonize. One of the earliest mentions of the future state of North Carolina, a full 70 years before it would become a province. Early-20th century leather rebinding. I've found mention of the advertisement in a North Carolina historical journal from the 1950's and assume that the journal article was using this particular copy for reference.



I acquired it in a second-hand store with a large collection of other important North Carolina history books from the late 1800's and early 1900's. Was clearly a part of someone's meticulously-cultivated collection and likely given away after the collector's passing.

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