15th century oil

Jan 11, 2019. 00:32 UTC
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41x50 oil painting when I received this painting it was still on the form that it was painted on I had it cleaned and framed! I have had it for over 20years. My Dads 1st cousin was a Dr in orlando fl and he purchased it for his pent house he passed and I have had it since. The painting has no signature because it was not finished


Orlando Florida my Dad's 1st cousin was a Dr and he had a designer buy it for his pent house

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$300 - $500 (United States Dollar)
Answered within about 3 hours
Jan 11, 03:58 UTC
By Klaus

Thank you for submitting your item for appraisal. This appears to be a late 19th century dutch style landscape painting, depicting contrymen in a forest with two ponds to the right. The painting is not signed. The softwood stretcher and the rather white canvas would be impossible for a painting of the century you were expecting it to date from. The canvas tends to react with the paint and air, over a longer period of time the colour turns from white to light brown. This is not the case here. The protective cover on the back might have conserved the canvas. The canvas was nailed to the stretcher and later stapled by a restorer. The estimate is based on similar paintings by lesser known artists sold at auction.

Linda bowers Jan 11, 18:16 UTC

When I had it cleaned I also had it framed so the stretcher is no longer on the pic!!

Klaus Jan 11, 20:12 UTC

If it doesn´t cause too much trouble I would like to see the fabric. Or has the canvas been glued on board? Thank you

Linda bowers Jan 11, 21:11 UTC

Wow it has tape and cardboard but if u feel it is necessary I will try to remove it

Linda bowers Jan 11, 21:12 UTC

It is not glued

Linda bowers Jan 11, 21:16 UTC

I took some of the back off and it still has the stretcher boards on it but how do I send u another picture

Linda bowers Jan 11, 21:22 UTC

I took some of the back off and it still has the stretcher boards on it but how do I send u another picture

Klaus Jan 11, 22:05 UTC

simply follow the instructions and upload the photos. All this trouble would really help to determin the timeframe. Is the canvas nailed to the stretcher or is it stapled?

Linda bowers Jan 11, 22:25 UTC

I sent 4 more pics it is nailed and stapled

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