Scientific Analysis

Step 3 in Mearto’s fine art authentication process.


Scientific Analysis

What can scientific analysis tell me about the authenticity of my artwork?

Scientific analysis is a very important step in the authentication process, because it provides a solid foundation of fact-based evidence. Unfortunately, there is not one scientific test (or series of tests) that we can do to confirm the authenticity of a work of art. However, we can very effectively rule out the possibility that an artwork is fake.

What techniques are used for the scientific analysis of art?

For scientific analysis, we usually recommend a combination of imaging and materials analysis techniques. Advanced technology, like Ultraviolet (UV), Infrared (IR) and X-Ray imaging, allows us to see beneath the surface of a painting. Sometimes we find underdrawings or abandoned compositions that provide insight into an artist’s working practice. We can also test samples of pigment, binding material (oil), canvas, wood, paper and other materials to determine if they are appropriate for the time period and location. This can also provide attribution clues, as some artists preferred to work with certain kinds of materials.

Who provides scientific analysis for Mearto?

We work closely with some of the leading laboratories for the scientific analysis of art in the United States. Our partners perform the physical inspection, imaging, sampling and testing of materials, then present their findings and conclusion in an illustrated scientific report, which Mearto takes under consideration when determining authenticity.

How much does scientific analysis cost?

Pricing for scientific analysis is determined by our partner and is based on the complexity of research required. For a personalized quote, please contact [email protected]

Our Techniques

Comparative Analysis

A side-by-side comparison of your work of art to others that have been positively attributed to the artist in question. We form a professional option based on careful consideration of many factors related to the artist's documented technique and stylistic preferences.

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Provenance Research

The important task of tracing your work of art all the way back to the artist who created it. We search the world’s top libraries and archives to fill in the missing pieces of your artwork’s history with records of sale and exhibition, legal documents and old photographs.

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Scientific Analysis

The use of special technology to look beneath the surface of a work of art and study the materials that were used to create it. We look for attribution clues with the aid of advanced imaging, and can accurately date a work of art by testing pigment and other material samples.

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