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Betty During A Noon Luncheon Which Naughty Betty Held for Naughty Helen (Who Didn't Win) Prior to the Miss Dog America Contest (Held, Later, in the Long Hallway Just Outside Mrs. Jenkins' Bedroom Door) and (Won by Good Helen) DONALD ROLLER WILSON (B. 1938)
Donald Roller Wilson (b. 1938)
Donald Roller Wilson (b. 1938) The Second Visit of the Queen signed and dated 'DONALD ROLLER WILS...
Nov 16, 2017
Donald Roller Wilson, ‘Jimmy Cranky to Boot', Oil, 1996
Oil on canvas in artist’s frame~~~USA, 1996~~~Donald Roller Wilson (b. 1938) – American painter~~...
Jun 10, 2016
Donald Roller Wilson, (American, b. 1938), When Mrs. Jenkins..., 1988
Description: Donald Roller Wilson (American, b. 1938) When Mrs. Jenkins..., 1988 color lithogr...
May 24, 2016