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Chinese activist and artist Ai Weiwei is a figure of international cultural importance. Aged 21, he was a member of Les Étoiles, a group of avant-garde artists, who rejected Chinese Socialist Realism and advocated artistic individualization and experimentation. In 1981 he moved to New York, where he was influenced by the conceptual works of Marcel Duchamp and started to incorporate daily life objects in his work. He returned to China in the 1990s and became very politically active against the government.

He is very outspoken in his criticism of the Chinese government, which resulted in him being detained for months in 2011, without an official charge. He sees protecting the right of expression as the central part of an artist’s activity and adds, “In China many essential rights are lacking, and I wanted to remind people of this.” Ai Weiwei is best known with his conceptual work and colossal installations, sparking a dialogue between the tradition and contemporary, or voicing a political agenda. His Sunflower Seeds (2010) for the Tate Modern consists of 100 million porcelain “seeds”, hand painted by 1,600 Chinese artisans, drawing attention to the mass consumption and the loss of individuality.

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